Soft Tissue

Generally, soft tissue surgery refers to any procedure that does not involve the bones or tendons and ligaments that support joints. This encompasses a wide range of procedures.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Lenity is a specialty veterinary hospital providing soft tissue surgery for cats and dogs. We are ready to help your pet when they need it most. We often see pets for these conditions. Please keep in mind that many of these are time-sensitive and require immediate treatment.

What to Expect

When you bring your pet in for a soft tissue surgery, we want to make sure you feel comfortable with your pet’s care every step of the way. On the morning of the surgical consultation, we will meet with you to go over expectations and any potential complications. You do not need to worry about medical records and bloodwork, we will contact your veterinarian for those.

On the day of the surgery, please make sure to follow all instructions to ensure a safe and effective procedure. We will give you an estimate for when your pet’s surgery will be complete so that you know when to expect a call from the veterinarian. You will receive printed instructions for managing your pet’s care and health during their recovery. This will include important warning signs to watch for and suggestions for preventing certain behaviors. We will walk you through the instructions to make sure you understand them.

At Lenity, we work together with our clients and their regular veterinarian every step of the way, from the first consultation through the healing process.

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