Lenity's Advanced Orthopedic Center

Lenity’s Advanced Orthopedic Center is the only orthopedic center in the region providing state-of-the-art therapeutics for orthopedic trauma, joint diseases (knee, elbow, shoulder, etc..), and even congenital disorders. 
The wide range of therapeutics we provide include fracture management, knee surgery, arthroscopy/nanoscopy, angular limb correction, total joint replacement, and chronic pain management, just to name a few. 
We use advanced technologies to help with diagnosis and treatment of various conditions using tiny cameras, minimally invasive imaging/techniques, and even 3d printed models and guides. 
We are proud to be the only hospital in the entire bay area to be providing the BioMedtrix Total Hip Replacement System for our patients with hip diseases.   
If you believe you pet could benefit from seeing us please book an appointment and we can provide a full orthopedic examination!

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